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French bulldog puppies for sale

There are French bulldog puppies for sale at Adonis Frenchie. This consists of a breeding program that is built on a foundation of love for the French Bulldog breed. Breeding activities are a distant second to the fact that our dogs are our family and always come FIRST. Our program specializes in the world-class breeding of rare colored French Bulldogs. Health, structure, and temperament come first and foremost when selecting breeding pairings.

We dedicate ourselves to the provision of a Frenchie with attributes listed as follows;  loving, companionship-minded, and joyful.

French bulldog puppies for Adoption

Generally, French Bulldogs are a clean breed, thus, it naturally shouldn’t take too long to teach a growing puppy some cleanliness and acceptable home behaviour. Research has shown that French Bulldogs are often not reliably potty-trained until they are around 5 to 6 months of age. That’s a fairly long time to keep going over the same lessons, but it is established now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, uh? – Even with an expected deadline – feels good! You just need to be patient, create a schedule and be very consistent too. Therefore, french bulldog puppies for adoption are ready.-

French bulldog puppies

All of our breeders are carefully chosen based on widely-accepted breeding standards. When choosing our breeding males, we are careful to make sure quality matches from the most elite bloodlines. Male coat colors include everything from solid blue to unique combinations of lilac and tan. Similar to our males, our breeding females also come in a distinction of color options. This includes solid blue, blue brindle, lilac, various merle shades, and lilac platinum. Some even feature gorgeous color combinations such as blue and tan, along with lilac and tan.

Color choice also affects the cost of French Bulldog puppies. Desirable but rare colors such as blue/grey or black and tan will cost more than common colors like fawn, pied, or brindle.

Frenchies are expensive because they are notoriously difficult to breed correctly. The breed’s wide shoulders make the birth process almost impossible, and reputable breeders simply won’t take the risk. As a result, French Bulldogs are delivered via C-section, which is more expensive than traditional delivery. This expense comes on top of normal breeding charges like prenatal care, puppy vaccinations, and incidentals such as toys.