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Buy a French bulldog puppy from Adonis Frenchie. Adonis Frenchie has a breeding program that is built on a foundation of love for the French Bulldog breed. Breeding activities by the French bulldog breeders in Adonis Frenchie are a distant second to the fact that our dogs are our family. Also, they always come FIRST. Our program specializes in the world-class breeding of rare colored French Bulldogs. Health, structure, and temperament come first and foremost when selecting breeding pairings.

French Bulldog breeders

Adonis Frenchie is a family breeder initiative which specializes in the breeding of healthy Frenchies. We do provide affordable and cheap french bulldog puppies. The goels of our breeding paractices and procedures are;

  • Breeding the best possible line age with characteristic elimination of potential health issues pertinent at birth, during growth and at old age that are specific to the breed
  • Acquiring and developing the best possible line of Adonis Frenchie breeding parents; both sires and dams, capitalizing on maximizing the healthiness and well-being of the Adonis Frenchie
  • Developing, training, vaccinating and caring for the Adonis Frenchie babies, born into our care; Systematically and ethically preparing them for new homes. The de-worming of our puppies comes first, with a reasonable acquaintance with aspects of everyday life. The puppies receive a good kickoff  with being house broken

More About Adonis Frenchie

Moreover, Mason Tate comes up with the idea of Adonis Frenchie in 2006. He undertakes the responsibility of breeding french bulldog puppies in an ethical way.

“I first ever came across an Adonis Frenchie back in 2004 at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York where I by-passed a well-dressed, elegant-looking lady with this very cute Adonis Frenchie, clumsily trotting behind her. Furthermore, the beauty of this fur baby prompted me to approach this lady. I was briefed on a  Frenchie and how great they are to own.

French Bulldog puppies for sale online

This interaction really made an impression on me and left me with a motivated desire to get one – my very own Adonis Frenchie puppy. Growing up, I was raised with dogs of bigger breeds – a German shepherd and a boxer. This made me confident that I fully understood the commitment and responsibility that comes with owning a dog. I went on and got a lovely-looking Adonis Frenchie (Winston). The first few months with Charlie went quite normally. Routine veterinary checks and vaccinations. Then, at about 7 months of age, after noticing progressively labored breathing and reduced appetite, I took Winston in for an extraordinary and scrutinized veterinary examination. He was diagnosed with brachycephalic airway syndrome amongst other hereditary illnesses.

Adonis French bulldog puppy

This was a complete shock and an event full of emotional uprisings as the confrontation with the breeder came out to a dead end. This latter did not have to announce remorse regarding the poor bloodline of his litters. However, the love for Winston was unconditional and I was. Therefore, every motivated to fight these setbacks until the very end.  This has lasting consequences first and foremost on the puppy in question, its owner, and the integrity of the Adonis Frenchie breed in general. Such an experience taints the positive impacts this breed has on the daily life of families opening their arms to them. Adonis Frenchie is the best and only top quality is our strive.