French bulldog puppies for sale

Adonis Frenchie Training

It is a fact that deciding to get a puppy entails assuming a serious and perpetual responsibility. Rest assured, we do our best to make sure that all our Frenchie Puppies get a standard amount of training before they are transferred to their new homes and owners. However, this is done acknowledging the fact that training is a continuous process and should be done to suit the owner. We only prepare a basis of understanding for the puppy, so their new owner has an easier time with providing the puppy tailored training to suit their home environment, structure and schedule. We guarantee that all our puppies are delivered housebroken.

Feeding Your Adonis Frenchie Puppy

Frenchies require a balanced diet. High-quality dry food is recommended for Frenchies alongside fresh meat, commercial dry food (kibble), canned food, raw food, and homemade meals. The higher the quality of the food, the less your Frenchie will need to eat. High-quality dog foods have less filler material and more nutrients and proteins.

Dry food contains a combination of ingredients, including meat, grains, vitamins, minerals, fats, and byproducts. It is easily digestible and is generally less costly to feed than other types of dog food; thus, it is preferred by many dog owners. Raw food diets typically include ground beef, steak, chicken breast, heart, liver, kidney, and bone. They may also include small portions of vegetables and fruits. Raw diets are available commercially, or you may prefer to prepare your dog’s food at home.

Exercise & Sport

French Bulldogs are a unique breed, prone to a number of conditions. The french bulldog although very energetic, can only release this energy gradually. This means that you shouldn’t take your frenchie for hard or long exercises. The frenchie should be exercised though. A short and moderate run, jog or a nice stroll around the corner daily would do.

Adonis Frenchie Grooming & Sanitation

Brush your Frenchie’s teeth several times a week, as often as you can, as Frenchies can develop ripe halitosis. Regular brushing also keeps teeth and gums healthy and can prevent tooth loss later in life. Clean your Frenchie’s ears on a regular basis with a damp, warm cloth. Never stick a cotton swab in a Frenchie’s ear. As for dry ears, you should rub the edges with baby oil to help smooth and heal the skin. The same goes for a drying nose.

All our Frenchies are bred and trained to be very manageable and complying. You should maintain their toes and claws regularly, starting early on to avoid any issues concerning dirt. They don’t wear down their claws naturally and so clipping is required. Clip the toe nails monthly or as need arises. Our Frenchies are easy to groom at home and their coat doesn’t require clipping. Brush weekly to keep the moderately-shedding coat looking shiny and healthy. As a puppy, it is important to handle the Frenchie’s feet as often as possible. They only need to be bathed as needed, and most owners can do this in the kitchen sink or a bathtub, with little fuss from the Frenchie.