Our Shipping Process

In person pickups by our customer family of their is preferrable but in the situtaion where by this option is not viable due to long driving distance or otherwise, we take the load in to our hands to make sure the shipping of Adonis Frenchie puppies to their owners is safe, secure and swift.

We will offer Nanny services at an additional fee with full package benefits which entails the personal care of the Adonis Frenchie puppies for the whole flight duration until delivery with food, water and treats coupled with cleaning services if necessary. We also will not sell to families out side of the U.S for the protection of our bloodlines.

Airlines require carrier boxes to be leak-proof and ventilated on at least 2 sides. For our Adonis Frenchie puppies, we prefer 3 or 4 ventilated sides. The carrier is large enough for your puppy to stand, sit, and lay down naturally. They should not be crammed in the carrier and must have enough space to play around while standing.

Booking flights are done as early as possible to to seal a spot for your Adonis Frenchie Puppy and avoid any trouble with place limitations on a single flight.

We perceive the need to go to the Vet specifically before placing a puppy on a flight. Thus, vet visits and checks are a pre-requisite for us, before all flights.

Lastly but not the least, the health status of our Adonis Frenchie puppies before being flown to their owners is checked by a competent veterinarian team with a Good Health Certificate issued. This document states the puppy is disease free and up-to-date with vaccinations.